Is Your Mini Bernese Mountain Dog Allergic to Fleas?


Fleas are the most disgusting parasitic insects in canine health. These negatively affect the health and well-being of most mini Bernese mountain dogs in 4 general ways: They cause discomfort, draw blood, induce hypersensitivity (allergies) and carry or transmit diseases.

Hypersensitivity or allergy is caused when the flea bites, not by the bite but by the reaction of the flea’s saliva responsible for the blood not clotting, with substances on the puppy’s skin, forming a set of elements called antigen complete, which is what triggers this syndrome that is characterized mainly by excessive scratching.

 Why isn’t everyone allergic?

 As in all living beings, there are individual responses, you can find dogs with many fleas that barely a scratch and others that with only a couple, it seems that they are being attacked by a battalion and are facing an endless war with their feet and teeth to free themselves. of them. In the end, this is due to a genetic predisposition that can only be determined when the pet faces its parasitic enemy number 1.

How does this allergy manifest itself?

Symptoms usually appear after 6 months of age. The primary lesion can be identified on the pet’s skin (which is scratching a lot), such as small bumps that turn into crusty lesions in the flea’s feeding areas, which are usually the abdomen and back. how far the queue starts; Although what really alerts the pet owner are secondary infections caused by scratching wounds as they are, inflammation of the skin with many bacteria (bacterial dermatitis), and those produced by fungi (fungal dermatitis), leading to a lot of hair loss and even thickening of the skin.

How do we know it is a flea allergy?

You can begin to assume that this disease exists when you find black dots (flea fecal matter) or the same fleas on the body of your furry that is like crazy scratching non-stop, or you can do an intradermal hypersensitivity test with extracts of the parasite.


The treatment will be determined by the evaluation of your trusted veterinarian, who will properly handle the secondary problems that will be the strongest.

 So, what should you do?

Why wait to find out if our pet is allergic when it already has fleas? The ideal is always to do preventive management, is use a product that perfectly eliminates the fleas. Alternatively, you can talk to a professional about mini Bernese mountain dogs or a vet to examine your furry buddy if it is allergic to fleas. One of the most trusted Mini Bernese Breeders is