Rules and Regulations

Internal Rules

RULES OF PROCEDURE Pension Livestock

  • Reservations and Rates:


The deposit will be paid at the time of booking for 50% of the total amount, so that your place (s) or your puppy is definitively reserved for the chosen period, upon receipt of the deposit.

In case of cancellation of the stay or the purchase of your puppy the entire deposit paid will be retained (except for serious reasons)

You will have to pay the rest of the total amount on the day of the arrival of your dog, or the departure of your puppy.

The day of entry to the Pension will be charged in full regardless of the time of your arrival at the pension.

The day of the exit will not be if you collect your dog before 1 p.m.



  • The conditions for accepting your dog (s):


The animal must be up to date with its vaccines for the disease Carré, Hepatithe, Leptospirosis, Parvovirose and Rage (infected Infected)

He must be tattooed or microchipped.

The health book must be brought on the day of arrival and returned on the day of departure.

We do not accept bitches in heat.

The animals must be treated against parasites and dewormed 6 to 3 MONTHS BEFORE THEIR ENTRY to the pension.

The animals must be in good health (disease treatment with prescription and medication possible)


  • Other Closes


 In the event of an extension of the stay, you must notify the pension as soon as possible so that a solution is offered to you if places are available.

The supplement will be added to the initial sum already paid and settled at the time of recovery of the animal.

Each resident must be collected by the same person who brought him, if not, call us before entrusting the animal to the new person, a photocopy of an identity document of this person will be kept before entrusting him with the animal.

If the animal is not recovered after one week after the expected date of recovery of the animal and if the owner has given no news, it will be considered abandoned, will result in legal proceedings with payment of the total amount due.

Damage or damage possibly caused by a resident is the responsibility of its owner, except in the case of pension liability.


  • Hours, Food, CareHygiene:


Prevent your arrival at the pension 2 days before so that we can plan it.

The pension is open every day except Sunday and holidays only by appointment for better management of entries and exits so that cats can have the maximum care provided.

Food is provided by us ,   Included in the Price / Day / Cat, if a special diet please notify us, a solution will be found between us.

If medical treatment € 0.50 per intake will be charged in addition.

The pension is not responsible for any illness contracted during or after the stay of your cat.

Litter and disinfection changed and performed daily to avoid the appearance of any disease.

DDSV (departmental direction veterinary services) can control us at any time.

The animal may need care in the event of illness or accident occurring during the stay:

-the veterinarian authorized by the pension will examine it, establish its diagnosis, act accordingly, all costs arising therefrom will be borne by the owner of the animal.

The responsibility for the pension is not engaged in the event of illness, accident, death of your animal:

-we are committed to informing the owner as soon as possible, in this case, given the veterinarian’s diagnosis, it is the owner who agrees to the pension so that the latter can make the necessary arrangements.


* This regulation also applies to the other services that we offer and this from the care of your animal until its return.

* A copy will be provided to you upon request.



the food,


the WALKS,


* For Animals with special diets contact us.