The litters of our breeding, as far as possible (genetics not being an exact science) will give birth to puppies of high quality which can satisfy the need and motivation of each one.

Each puppy is sold with legal guarantees, primary vaccination, microchip, certificate of good veterinary health, birth certificate (temporary pedigree), certificate of sale.

A dog adapted to each audience

A private individual looking for a family puppy for the company, the guard of the property with good moments of relaxation and leisure spent in the company of a GERMAN SHEPHERD worthy of the name.

A public, I would say more knowledgeable (beginner or confirmed), on the purchase of a puppy that can claim to practice at different levels of work discipline such as Agility, Obedience, Utility or other disciplines such than the RING or the IPO (international discipline including obedience, jumps, tracking and defense tests in a sporting context. For this, different clubs are open to the general public.

The EXHIBITION field (our selection is more based on the above): only the best puppies on the morphological and anatomical level with a character that can withstand a minimum of training will eventually be able to claim an EXHIBITION career.

A very particular training such as a high-level sportsman and a lot of pedagogy, psychology, and method at all levels are essential to success in this area, we will summarize this in one word: RIGOR.

Some puppies can be sold under certain conditions: For this, it is mandatory to work in teams an adequate Training to conduct a Career for THESE DOGS POTENTIALLY IMPROVER BREED.