8 Key Points To Consider When Choosing A Dog Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel for dogs with a view to the next holiday season, it is the first time that you are going to use a service of this type, or you want to experience it in a different place, we share with you 8 key points to consider when choosing a hotel for dogs.

As the number of places that offer hotel services for dogs increases, so does the demand of consumers. But among so many options and your particular expectations about what a hotel for dogs should offer, how to choose the right place for you and your dog?

And don’t worry, we understand that it’s not easy to separate your dog, that’s why we invite you to first read this article that contains some tips to prepare yourself and to anticipate your dog in a positive way to its next stay.

  1. Find a place that inspires you. It is essential that before hosting your dog you go to know the facilities and the people who work in them. You should feel good walking in and being there.
  2. Observe hygiene. Pay attention to odors, walls, floor maintenance, windows, play areas, fixtures, and cleaning products.
  3. Request information on safety measures and first aid in the event of possible incidents. It is normal for your dog to be more exposed to illnesses or accidents than at home, but it is more important that there is preventive control and a good system to attend to emergencies.
  4. Ask how your dog will sleep. Cages are safe and an excellent method to safeguard dogs at night, kennels help dogs to rest calmly, and shared spaces help dogs that are not used to being alone.
  5. Ask about the activities they offer. The busier your dog is, the less he will miss you and the better he will be.
  6. Investigate the forms of contact they have, how they keep you informed or how you can access information about your dog during the trip.
  7. It is very important that you know how they will handle the issue of food, it is best that you bring their food and, if necessary, give special instructions to supply it and make sure that your dog will eat.
  8. Another fundamental aspect is surveillance. Ask if there is someone looking after the dogs during the day and night, and what measures are in place to keep your dog safe.

Choosing a hotel is not an easy task, but we hope that this information will help you make a better decision. Remember that the offer is wide and therefore you should choose the place that suits you best. Ensure that the San Diego Puppy Hotel you choose can take care of your little friend professionally without any problem.