What To Look In A Golden Retriever


If you love dogs, then most probably you have heard about golden retriever breeder They are some of the most adorable breeds in the dog family.

There is one thing you need to know when it comes to finding a quality breeder. It is not an easy task to find one.

However, there are two main vital aspects you need to put into consideration when searching for a golden retriever breeder.

  • Reputable breeder
  • Quality pedigree

Most professionals in this field, plus experienced dog breeders will tell you this. Finding a puppy of your dream depends majorly on the right breeder and a good pedigree. 

Which leads us to what exactly we should look in a golden retriever breeder.

  1. Levels of energy 

The general perception among many dog owners is that most golden retrievers are weak. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Golden retrievers have, from time immemorial, been bred as sporting dogs. 

It is because of their sporting nature that they are generally healthy and naturally energetic. 

Therefore, with proper and consistent exercise, most of these Golden retrievers can adapt to any environment.

Moreover, you need to know that lack of training for your Golden retrievers may lead to undesired habits. 

You can manage the energy levels by taking them on long walks, playing vigorous games, swimming, or hiking. 

  1. Most of them shed

Not all dogs shed. But not with the Golden retrievers. 

Interestingly, it doesn’t happen just once. The Golden retrievers shed once during winter and once in the spring. 

However, there is still a light-moderate-shedding that occurs all year. 

SO what should you prepare for if you keep a Golden retriever?

You will never miss dog fur in your house. As a way to counter this, you may need to buy beddings and furniture that matches your dog’s fur. 

Alternatively, you can brush them at least once a week to minimize the shedding.

  1. They love food

You haven’t met a pet with an insatiable appetite like the Golden retriever. 

I mean, they eat almost everything. 

But is there a problem with that?

Yes. When they can eat anything and everything on-site, it means they will overeat. As a result, they may end up becoming overweight. 

You can manage this situation by ensuring your Golden retriever is fed on a quality diet and put through intense exercises daily.

  1. Other factors to put into consideration include:
  • They don’t know their size
  • They come out as intelligent dogs
  • They don’t love gardens
  • You can’t keep them as watchdogs

Golden retrievers aren’t your ordinary type of dogs. There is so much to look into before you buy one. You can find good ones practically anywhere, but a company or breeder to ship Nationwide would be Sierra Golden Retrievers website, They’ll help you find a good Golden retriever to keep you company during the ongoing lockdown.